Our Management

The two founders are Dr. Peter Kronen and Jens-Peter Neumann.

Dr. Peter Kronen (DVM, DiplECVAA) is a passionate veterinarian – since childhood with undiminished enthusiasm (“Veterinarian is simply the best job!”). He has international experience (Italy, UK, USA, Vietnam) as a veterinarian and is also a specialist in anesthesiology and pain therapy.

For many years he held management positions in various professional associations (AVA, WSAVA, IVAPM,..), worked in research and teaching at 7 universities. and has created and conducted countless veterinary education courses for veterinarians and nurses. In addition, he has published numerous articles in veterinary scientific journals und those addressed to pet owners, as well as written book chapters.

He also has a business education and experience in clinic organisation and construction (projects and construction supervision in several clinics). The establishment of a veterinary top quality group has been his goal for a long time and is the next logical step in his efforts to continuously improve veterinary medicine.

Dr. Peter Kronen
Jens-Peter Neumann

Jens-Peter Neumann held management positions at international banks and investment companies in Germany and other countries for many years. Subsequently, he worked for 10 years as a board member and supervisory board member for one of the leading German clinic chains in human medicine. During this time, he also began to develop an intense interest in high quality veterinary medicine and to network in the industry.

As a committed dogs owner, he has had direct contact to practices and veterinary clinics for many years. He brings his many years of experience in the hospital sector to CADOMO in order to use similar topics and processes in veterinary medicine.

Dr. Kronen and Mr. Neumann are united by the conviction that medicine and business can be organised in real partnership.

Our guiding principle is the best medical care for our patients. This is the only way to ensure that pet owners have confidence in our clinics and practices. The success of our group is based on this principle.

To build up the group, we have found a competent and experienced financial partner in Germany, who supports us closely in terms of content and finances and who stands by us from all points of view. In addition, we are supported by a first-class “Advisory Board” with experienced and well-connected European experts in veterinary medicine.