The benefits of CADOMO

The 5-star solution

CADOMO is young and flexible and can adapt very well to your individual needs as the owner of a veterinary practice. We offer fair payments based on solid analysis (due diligence). More importantly, we look into the future of your clinic. Together with you, we develop individual concepts for growth in medical, structural and economic terms for your practice or clinic.

These assessments, jointly developed, are an integral part of the purchase price valuation. In this way we think and act forward together with you from the beginning. We offer you financially very attractive investment opportunities as a foresight for the future.

CADOMO takes care of the less pleasant part of the job so that you can focus on veterinary medicine and the development of your practice. You remain the head of the clinic/practice and the medical issues remain your decision. We work with you to solve personnel issues and search together until we have found the right staff for you.

Ultimately, joining CADOMO is a big step forward: from a medical, personnel, structural and financial point of view. The best decision you can make for yourself, your team and your practice.

Your benefits at a glance

In medical terms and content

  • veterinary quality and customer-centred service
  • the best veterinarians and TFAs
  • we organise the emergency service for you
  • we take over the administrative duties
  • we work together with you to plan the development for your practice or clinic
  • we promote regulated working hours

In financial terms

  • retrospective and prospective clinic evaluation results in attractive purchase price
  • realistic bonus agreements based on jointly elaborated development plans (no utopian earn-outs, bonuses are not limited to 2-3 years)
  • attractive salaries as clinic manager
  • re-invest possibility, thereby participation in group growth

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