Founded on solid ethical principles

Our patients are at the focus of our work – and everything we do aims at providing them with the best possible medical care.

All our patients are of special importance to us and we are aware that a sick family member causes fears and worries, as well as the need for empathy , for understanding what is happening to the animal, for proper advise and for guidance on a way out of this situation. Of course, this also includes prevention and proper prophylaxis counselling.

Best veterinary medicine and responsible management

The best veterinary medicine can only be assured by understanding and appreciating the central importance of the veterinary team. CADOMO wants to be the best employer in the veterinary market and therefore offers its employees the best conditions and flexibility. We openly address problems such as psychological stress and burn-out and act proactively through working time records, flexible working hours, clear assignment of areas of responsibility and open dialogue in a flat hierarchy to protect the people who work with us.

  • We respect our veterinary colleagues, referrers, partners and suppliers and always lend an ear to them. We are interested in cooperation and want to offer fast and effective solutions.
  • We are aware of the ecological footprint we leave with a veterinary practice and strive to reduce our environmental impact and create balance. For example, we aim to work as paperless as possible, manage waste in an environmentally friendly way (e.g. anaesthetic gas disposal) and make use of CO2 offsetting options.
  • We take social responsibility seriously and have conceptualized the six central topics thereof in CADOMO: respect for human rights, correct working practices, environmental protection, fair business practices, customer affairs and community involvement in our development. We portray them transparently and sustainably.

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